"Trust" Crown by Flower Fairy Designs

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"Trust" Crown ~ Kuan Yin ~ Goddess of Compassion by Flower Fairy Designs
Our hearts hold all the knowledge, all the power and all the grace. May we lead with this beautiful space for the rest of our days. As we discover our paths and follow it true, our gifts illuminate the fullest you! A faceted Rose Quartz teardrop adorns our lovely Third Eye center ~ may we always see through the lens of love. Peridot links the desires of our lives to the callings of our hearts. And Tanzanite banishes all inhibitions that impose on our light. It shows us how bright we truly shine! This lovely crown is woven from scratch in 14k Gold filled wire and accented by 14k Rose Gold filled wire. White elastic keeps it in place so you can dance the night away! 

Your heart is a portal. 
May your wisdom expand
As your love grows. 
In turn, you will surely glow <3 

Each crown is created in the energy and intention of the goddess mentioned. I ask the goddess to be present in every step of the creation: drawing it out, creating it into physical form, cleansing it, blessing it, dedicating it, and then writing a handwritten message for the wearer. They are incredibly special, lightweight, sturdy and made with the most unconditional love! 

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