Tree Slice of Life

Tree Slice of Life

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Tree Slices of Life- collaboration by All The Thingzz and Bryer Made

These beautiful slices of aromatic cedar have been laser engraved with the sacred geometry flower of life pattern to bring positive life source energy into any space.  Live airplants have been placed in drilled holes at the center of each intersection breathing new life into the past life of the trees. 

There are 2 of these one-of-a-kind slices available; one is designed to lay flat on a surface while the other hangs on a wall. Both Tree Slices of Life come filled with airplants and a guide for keeping your airplants healthy!

Wall Slice Specifics: l" x h" x thickness" - 13 airplants

Table Slice Specifics:  l" x h" x thickness" - 12 airplants

*Although slices come with airplants, you may later choose to put a variety of things into your slices as the x" holes are suitable for holding a variety of things such as crystals, candles, seashells, and more!

***Tree Slices of Life are a bit heavy and will therefore require higher postage costs, however,  if you are able to pick up your slice in San Diego you can use code "pickmeup" at checkout to bypass shipping costs!***  

Would you like your own Custom Tree Slice Design or Laser engraved item?? Great! We would love to make you something special! Simply email with your ideas!