[ studio c ]

conceptualize - collaborate - create

Studio C is a manifestation of the intention to expand space in order for for creativity to flourish. Located in the heart of beautiful San Diego, California, this 1050sqft play-space is an artist's dream come true. Equipped with a wide variety of tools and supplies, this fun and inspirational atmosphere has all the right ingredients to make magic happen. Come play with us!

Thingz we have:  

Indoor and Outdoor Workspaces - Vinyl Plotter - Miter Saw - Drills - Hand Router - 
Table Saw - Air Compressor - Nail gun - Sander - Sewing Machines - Dress Forms -Overlock machines - Soldering Iron - Wifi - printers - paper cutters - laminator -
skill saw - heat gun - projector - so much more !

Thingz we do: 

sewing - wood-working - painting - resin pouring - jewelry making - whatever we want



Photo Gallery (click to enlarge):