An online sale on Allthethingzz.com from 11/11 to 12/12 consisting of a sampling of items from a hand-picked group of talented designers, stylists, makers, and artists who I think are amazing and inspiring (that’s you). The intention is to create an online outlet for you to not only sell some unique designs, creations, and treasures that showcase your talents; but also to be included (optional) on our Designer Showcase page so that site visitors can easily learn more about you/what you do, visit your own site/instagram, purchase other products or request custom orders from you.


  1. Today/ASAP: Let me know you are interested in participating by clicking the "I'm interested" button at the bottom of the page. 
  2. By October 6th: Confirm your participation and decide what you want to sell. Pro-tip: Make it something creative, unique, and ideally something you can make/procure a few of (or else a one-of-a-kind art piece)!
  3. By October 22: Get your items to me at my warehouse (mail or deliver them yourself, I’d love to see you!). For each unique item provide me with a product photo and description (help available upon request). Fill out 5 minute designer profile survey for the Designer Showcase page (optional)
  4. November 11: I will launch the Holiday Sale on my website. Each individual participant will receive promotion on social media and on my website leading up to and throughout the sale.
  5. Ongoing: Your business (will be listed and indefinitely on the Allthethingzz Designer’s Showcase page and promoted on my social media outlets. (optional)
  6. Shipping & Vendor Payment: As items sell, I’ll ship them to the buyer and immediately direct the funds to the seller via paypal or venmo (or however you prefer).
  7. The Goal: All of your things sell out and you gain many new customers and followers.

When you send me your items, you will provide me with a sliding scale indicating the revenue you would like to make on each item. 

The first amount is the ideal revenue you would like to make. The second amount is the revenue you would be willing to accept. 

I will use these parameters to set the price for your item. Prices will start at your higher price + 30% or $10 (whichever is more).  As the sale progresses/ nears the end, I will mark down prices/ offer discount incentives, but your profit will never go below your lower price point. I don’t want to take money from you, I want to make money for you!


This is a site for all the things, so what you sell is up to you! There is no limit to what type of items can be sold, the more creative and unique, the better. 

For ease and scale, I am recommending that each seller creates one unique/ limited edition product to include in the sale. I would prefer that your item is not for sale anywhere else during the sale), the quantity of that product is up to you. For instance, I want to make sparkly mini hula-hoops for the sale, I plan to make 3 sets of them. (It is also totally acceptable if your product has varying styles. IE I make 3 sets of mini hula hoops, 3 different colors.) 

*Make something new for the sale or sell something you already have on hand 

*You can sell something you already sell, just make sure that there is something that sets it apart from wherever else it is currently being sold.

* Alternatively, you may choose to sell something completely different from what you usually sell to showcase your wide variety of skills!


Sure!! If you are interested in selling various things, or have a product that is made-to-order, or are interested in any sort of unique sale items (ie a service) Just let me know and we can figure out a way to make it work.  


They will, I am sure of it, however, If after the entire sale, you have unsold items, I will offer you the option of keeping the item for sale on my website for as long as you want, or I will return the item to you.

Remember, even if your item(s) do not sell, you still will have gotten social media promotion throughout the holiday shopping season and by being part of the sale, you will receive continued promotion through the Allthethingzz Designer Showcase page and social media sites


Not for this sale, but if they are interested in participating in future sales have them email me at allthethingzz@gmail.com


That’s ok! I am planning to conduct more sales like this in the future and would love to have you participate in another, click the button below and indicate that you are interested in future opportunities