"Balance" Crown by Flower Fairy Designs

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"Balance" ~ Sedna ~ Goddess of the Sea 
A lovely crown for any occasion with just the right amount of detail. Sedna, the Alaskan goddess of the sea, teaches us the balance of receiving and giving. I give fearlessly as I am guided, and I receive with joy and gratitude.

A gorgeous blue flash faceted Labradorite teardrop adorns the forehead directly over the Third Eye, invoking clarity of vision and guidance. Rose Quartz opens our heart and fills it with never ending love. It teaches us that we must fully love ourselves in order to access the true depths of love. And Amethyst. Oh, sweet Amethyst! It brings deep healing, protects us on our path, and opens us up to the wisdom of our souls. 

This crown is woven from scratch with 14k Gold Filled wire, and attaches to our beautiful heads by real, ethically sourced leather. 

May we see clearly with more than our eyes. 
May we be our fullest selves in all situations. 
May we trust ourselves and the path our soul's have chosen. 
May we forgive to expand the future. 
And most of all, 
May we love ourselves. Every inch, every wrinkle, every hair. 
We are perfect and exactly where we need to be. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to Ocean Conservation. 

Each crown is created in the energy and intention of the goddess mentioned. I ask the goddess to be present in every step of the creation: drawing it out, creating it into physical form, cleansing it, blessing it, dedicating it, and then writing a handwritten message for the wearer. They are incredibly special, lightweight, sturdy and made with the most unconditional love! 

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