CUSTOM "for your total self" Rainbow Vision Glasses by Ayah Eye

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What's even better than owning any of the gorgeous one-of-a-kind Rainbow Vision glasses by Ayah Eye that are currently for sale?? Yep, that's right, owning a pair of Rainbow Vision glasses made JUST FOR YOU (or someone you love!)!!

First, choose the color glasses from the drop down menu above.

Next, when you place your order, use the cart notes to share any and all intentions/stones/metals/styles/symbols/whatever you want your glasses to be created with.

Lastly, in just 1-2 weeks time the incredibly talented Moriah of Ayah Eye will mastermind you or your loved one a pair of one-of-a-kind Rainbow Vision glasses sure to be the truest lens of your self created for your true self <3

***For non-Rainbow Vision custom Ayah Eye glasses find Moriah in the Talent Showcase