🌟 THE MOONBEAM KIT by DiscoEyes   ✨ 👁 🌙

🌟 THE MOONBEAM KIT by DiscoEyes ✨ 👁 🌙

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The DiscoEyes MOONBEAM KIT is a Limited Edition, ALL~IN~ONE Glitter Kit that includes:

✨One OPALESCENCE jar- Easy-apply GEL glitter mix made of a dazzling combination of holographic, iridescent, and chunky white glitter.

👁 DISCO LASHES- One set of double stacked lashes featuring fine purple sparkles and silver stars

💎  ALL~IN~ONE GEM CLUSTER- One re-usable, limited-edition, handmade, aurora borealis jewel cluster appliqué for face or body

💫 APPLICATOR WAND - for use when applying Opalescence gel glitter 

THE MOONBEAM KIT is a limited-edition glitter, lash and jewel kit that's perfect for festivals, raves, parties, concerts, photoshoots; or just for fun.

The trademark Opalescence gel glitter is a holographic chunky mix that glides on smooth. It is pre-blended with natural aloe for easy application with application wand (included). The 5 gram heart jar includes about 5 applications and is easily removed with a wet cloth or baby wipe. 

Also included is a handmade,  limited edition, all-in-one gem cluster with a translucent sticker backing. Apply with body or lash glue (not included) to keep it in place for up to 12 hours. After use, place back onto the white paper backing and carefully return to the biodegradable plastic baggy (included) for safekeeping.  Gems last up to 5 applications if well cared for, and are perfect for long nights out dancing or 3 day festivals.

Last, but not least, the Disco lashes are hand-dipped into a purple sparkle and chunky star holographic blend. Apply with lash glue (not included). 



***All of our cosmetic kit glitters are mixed by hand in sunny California. They are Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and never tested on animals. Safe for the face, hair and body. ***


 These special kits were created by artist Jamie Graden! Find Jamie in the Talent Showcase for more on DiscoEyes and links to all her things!