"Know" Crown by Flower Fairy Designs

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"Know" Crown ~ Lakshmi ~ Goddess of Abundance by Flower Fairy Designs

Abundance is a state of mind. May we manifest all that we need to thrive into reality. May we all feel the energy of goddess Lakshmi within us. May we see her within the beauty that is our perfect, divine selves. A luscious, faceted Citrine teardrop blesses our Third Eye. May we have the confidence we need to make our dreams come true. It is the manifestation stone. Red Garnet inspires love and devotion, rooting us deep into the Earth so that no one may shake us. And lovely Rainbow Moonstone, forever one of my favorites. It is a stone of new beginnings. May we always be in creation of our hearts desires!
This crown is woven from scratch with 14k Rose Gold filled wire with 14k Gold filled wire accents. Black elastic holds it in place so we can dance the night away!

You know the way, the answer lies within. 
Lead with your heart ~ let it be your compass when you feel lost. 
You are absolutely perfect in every way. 
May you feel this truth, and let it fill your soul on this day!

Each crown is created in the energy and intention of the goddess mentioned. I ask the goddess to be present in every step of the creation: drawing it out, creating it into physical form, cleansing it, blessing it, dedicating it, and then writing a handwritten message for the wearer. They are incredibly special, lightweight, sturdy and made with the most unconditional love!

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