"Orange You Glad" Wearable Art Adornament

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**COMING SOON** Adornament with a locket in the center that opens to reveal tiny pieces of original artwork by CARO CARO!!

The "Orange You Glad" Adornament is part of of a collection of wearable art pieces made by All The Thingzz using tiny, magical hand drawn art pieces from the incredibly talented artist CARO CARO.  Click here to see the rest of the collaborative collection!

Find Caro in the Talent Showcase for links to see more of her beautiful artwork and to check out her very own wearable art line!


What's an Adornament?  It is your new favorite accessory of course! "Adornaments" are a new style of jewelry consisting of 2-4 decorative brooches linked together with various chains. It was originally designed with the intention of being a quick and versatile way to transform a plain bathing suit or bra top from blah to ta-da, but it turned out to be so quick and versatile that it starting doing the same for everything in my wardrobe!  Whether it be on your bathing suit, your bodysuit, your waistband, your fur collar, around your shoulder, down your leg, on your hat, your coat, or even in your hair; the ways to adorn yourself are unlimited! SO adore yourself and adorn yourself!! because come on, if you're not going to look good, what's the point ;) 

Want a custom, collaborative, wearable piece of art? We can make that happen! Email allthethingzz@gmail.com :)